ECM & Collaboration

Information is a central resource and is a key factor in all business processes. In order to achieve optimum value creation, it must be very easy to access the appropriate information at the right place and at the right time on the various end devices.
For this reason, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is becoming increasingly important in companies in order to be able to handle the rising flow of information. ECM now covers virtually all relevant functions for the management of information of all kinds in IT-based processes. An increasing number of companies are also using ECM to support, streamline or automate their business processes, as well as for archiving purposes.
We also offer our customers comprehensive collaboration solutions for both in-house and external use. Collaboration involves the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge. The relevant platforms create structures within the company to optimize collaboration and make knowledge accessible to as many staff members as possible.

ECM Services including:

  • Support and control of business processes for the creation, administration and archiving of documents.
  • Integration in all existing IT environments due to open-ended modular structure.
  • Meeting the very latest ECM requirements such as workflow management, CAD integration and further integration of central DMS functions in CAD, CAM and PDM systems.
  • Process consultation in the areas of ECM, workflow, document and knowledge management.
  • Image and data management system with optimum scalability from an entry-level solution through to use as an enterprise version in hospital networks based on modular architecture.
  • Years of experience in the introduction of process-oriented company, department and extranet portals based on Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Integration of interactive Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 elements for comprehensive collaboration solutions.
  • Customizing and individual development for optimum coordination of collaboration platforms in line with process sequences and structures.

ECM Software Features

  • Simple, Responsive User Interface

    Leverage a simple, responsive and intuitive user interface, with role-based views to enterprise, project-oriented and personal work spaces that feature access to the most recent documents and more. Connected Work spaces simplify the deployment of ECM using templates aligned to business processes.

  • Cloud Content Management

    Choose from flexible, cloud models for public, private or hybrid deployments to manage, protect and effectively use information.

  • Content Archiving Solutions

    Protect critical historical information within a secure, centralized archiving solution leveraging familiar search criteria to find and retrieve desired information from large volumes of stored files in seconds.

  • ECM Integration

    Get a content services platform with out-of-the-box integration and support for applications, such as SAP® ERP and SuccessFactors®,  Oracle® E-Business Suite, Salesforce® and Microsoft® Office 365™ and SharePoint®.

  • ECM Collaboration

    Leverage the cloud and mobile capabilities to extend the reach of corporate content into previously hard-to-coordinate environments, such as remote field workers or extended supplier and contractor ecosystems.

  • Intelligent Enterprise Capture Solution

    Capture documents and data from paper, electronic files and other sources and transform it into digital content delivered directly into enterprise content management solutions and business processes.


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