Flexible Personnel Services

Together with our customers we develop individual and trend setting staffing models.

In line with our full-service philosophy, we cover the entire process chain from a single source. In addition to providing IT experts and engineers for temporary or permanent use, we also offer temporary employment to IT and commercial specialists. We also take over third party management services for our customers.

Our Expertise in Flexible Personnel Services


Analysis of the staff requirements based on the profiles that include the qualifications as well as the personalities that fit your company correctly.


Searching for the ideal candidates from our large pool of experts, leading job portals, specialized portals and newsgroups, as well as advertising through our own portal and online and print media.


Using a multi-level pre-selection process to shortlist candidates, reduce your interviewing burden.


The success of any organization, and the achievement of business goals and objectives is greatly influenced by the quality of leadership executives retained.
In today’s challenging and highly unpredictable business environment, Interim Managers offer businesses a competitive advantage due to their flexibility and invaluable injection of expertise within a short notice.
Staff Outsourcing is a critical enabler for companies to channel internal resources to focus on the most critical core functions for continued business growth.
Recruiting for a single role, whatever the level, can be a costly and time-consuming process for any organization and with no guaranteed success.
Psychometric tests offer insights into the factors that influence a person’s performance in the workplace, hence a critical tool in staff selection, development, coaching and team building.
Flexi Personnel will provide you with all the expatriate administrative solutions you need to succeed.


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