Web Development

PHP is a programming language, which was created as a scripting platform at the beginning named “Personal Home Page”, used initially for making dynamic web pages. This programming language includes itself in the HTML code and it permits the creation of independent applications. PHP is one of the most important web programming languages.
Drupal is a content management software, which is used by many web developers and in a lot of applications from our daily lives. Its main characteristic is represented by the available modules for this software. Their main target is the extension of the basic capabilities and the addition of new traits or even customing its aspect.
Wordpress is a CMS for publishing blogs. This platform is created in PHP and it is used for the database management. Just like Drupal, Wordpress has countless plugins which enlarge its functionalities.
In order to develop sites, we use the latest versions of HTML and CSS. Besides these two programming languages, we also use the framework Bootstrap, which offers us better efficiency and speed.
The A/B Testing is a quick method to increase the number of conversions. Briefly, this method implies the testing of two different versions of web pages of applications in order to determine which one performs better. It is essential where two or more versions of a page are randomly presented to the users.
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