Web Design

We guarantee through our services a qualitative and modern web design and we make use of lots of instruments that will make your site look more professional. We have at our disposal a large range of novel and modern fonts, which can provide a stylish design, carefully conceived, accompanied by responsive images and styles, which can adapt to the preferred device of the users. The menus that we use are compact and the site design is versatile depending on the used resolution. Briefly, we can state that we are on trend with the evolution of technology, but also with the user’s preferences.
The responsive interface allows the site’s adaptation depending on the size of the screen used, thus it offers a pleasant experience, both visually and practically. Taking in consideration the expansion of the mobile phone usage, which is paramount and even vital to remember, because if you carry out an online business, the majority of the payments will be made via a mobile device. Imagine the experience that a user could live on a maladjusted site. He could give up on the order just for the simple reason that the website’s interface is complicated, non-responsive and chaotic. Moreover, a site with a responsive interface can raise your SEO score up, allowing you a much better visibility on the search engines.
UX or User Experience takes care of the improvement of user’s experience by modifying and updating the content, enhancing the structure and researching the used systems. This one looks for an easy usage for the clients and it is a task that takes complex procedures. UI or User Interface works on the site’s positive image, the interactivity of the product or of the service. It is wanted of the user to feel comfortable and to have a pleasant feeling at the usage of the service.
Because we know that you want to stand out from the crowd, we suggest you send us your original ideas, thus we will turn them into reality! We procure special attention to each and every client of ours and we concentrate on all the suggestions we receive! Give a positive image to your business by creating a personal logo or brand for it. This represents your business’s card, that’s why we offer a visual identity to your brand, which will make it recognizable for the clients!
Whether we talk about illustrations, vectors, 3D design or simple banners in Photoshop, we know that what your clients see is more than important! It doesn’t matter if we talk about brochures, advertisements, the site’s map or mere flyers – we are ready to offer you the best quality there is and to take in consideration the ideas our clients have!