Web Design

When it comes to web design, some prefer simple and stylish websites, while others are attracted to the innovative ones. We offer you personalized websites, regardless of the theme you choose. Whether it's an online store, a blog or just a presentation page, we have a lot of ideas and we're sure we'll find the one that suits you!

We think the first impression is the one that matters, so we want to offer you a nice design and aneasy user interface. Therefore, immediately after creating and implementing the site, we will give you afree consultancy where we will explain the site's content management ways for an accessible use.

We bring professionalism and efficiency to your business! Trust us and we will turn your ideas into reality!

Web Development

Are you looking for the best Web Development services? Alphatech-Itd is the most suitable solution for you! The knowledge our developers have in terms of most required and current programming languages give us the ability to create complex projects which are built on great communication and on an excellent feedback from our clients worldwide.

When we talk about web development, we refer to the development of the basic code , with everything it does: client-side/server-side implementation, site and network security management, customer relationship management, content writing, etc.

Static or dynamic? It's just your choice! Tell us and we will implement it!


SEO is about complex website optimization processthat seeks to position your search engine results as favorable as possible by using some of the site's keywords that are representative of the product or service that it offers.

Our range of services which we offer includes SEO optimization and PPC/PPM services. The purpose of this service is to increase your brand's popularity (by creating a memorable image from it) and to increase your sales.

In the current period, SEO has become an essential element for online businesses, especially in cases where advertising’s costs on other channels are very high or there is no dedicated budget.

PPC or Pay Per Click consists in payment per clickfor an ad posted on websites of interest (Facebook, Google, third party websites) and displayed on a regular or permanent basis, while PPM or Pay per Mille refers to several aspects slightly different. In the case of PPM ads, the payment is made on every 1000 displays (not clicks). PPC or PPM, the goal is the same: it is intended to attract potential customers to the site through the links from the ad.