The SEO consultation entails a full analysis of all the elements related to the level of visibility on the search engines of your website. A full sum up of the SEO consultation gives you a deeper understanding of why does your site not generate enough sales or traffic. We take care of writing the texts for advertising companies and of the banners that appear on the sites in collaboration with Google. Google Adwords Services also implies SEO optimization, WEB Analytics consultation, which identifies the best advertising opportunities for sales increasement.
If in the past the accent was put on the number of visitors on a site, nowadays the accent is put more on those visitors who are more probable to become customers and who fulfill the target of the products of the services displayed by you. Therefore, even though you have loads of visitors to your site, this is not enough! You need people to manifest interest and desire to buy your products!
We offer you the best advertising for your site, through the AdWords campaigns, the backlink’s elimination, which leads to unfavorable results, and all of these at a fair and accessible price.