Ora cu un geek!

One hour with a geek!

Starting from the month of may, we give out one hour from our time to you, absolutely for free!

What does this mean?

We will answer questions from the fields we are best at:

  • Web development
  • Web design
  • SEO

We will try to solve that insignificant problem that you never had the time for, or that one question that has been stuck in your head for a while now, but you don’t have the time or who to ask in order to find the answer to it. Obviously, we will answer only what we know, but we will give our best!

What kind of questions?

As we said, all the things related to web development, web design, SEO, online marketing and other ambiguities regarding these subjects you may have, also, other questions about things that fascinate us (geek related, of course).

Here are some examples of questions we can answer:

Why does my WordPress site stopped working after the last update?

Why do I have fewer visitors on my site for a few months?

How do I make an AdWords campaign?

Is a Facebook page compulsory for my site?

Where do I find the people with whom I can collaborate within a certain business?

Is my site responsive, and what does this mean?

or even…

Which is the difference between Kirk and Picard?

Who is that little kid from the first episode of Star Wars and how did he become Darth Vader?

Which are the movies where Sean Bean did NOT die?

R + L = J ? (we are still looking for an answer for this…)

When and where do we do this?

Every Tuesday, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., in the Incuboxx building.

All you have to do is to introduce your data in the form below or to message us on our Facebook page and we will call you to arrange a meeting.