We started our journey together in 2014, but our web experience has begun as a passion since we first got our hands on a keyboard.

We are Alina, Alex, Claudiu, Ovidiu and Alexandra. Together with our collaborators we form the Aphatech family.

In 2012, we made our first steps in the business world: Alex in web development, in a top company, and Alina in management. We learned as much as possible so that we could follow our own path in 2014. Even though we didn’t work in a big company anymore, we discovered that we are able to learn on our own as well and since then, we never stopped doing that.

We like to think that we help you get your voice heard in the online world. We can be by your side from your first steps: from choosing the brand or creating the first facebook page, to the point where your business is mature enough online and when you don’t need us anymore.

We love Drupal, but we do not limit ourselves there. We can create a simple presentation site but we can also create a browser-based MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game).

Starting from an idea, we create the design, then we take care of the functionality and in the end we take care of the SEO. Although we are young, we grew up “online”. Our experience is not gained from the years we worked or from the remuneration we received but it is made from the night we spent learning how to develop sites, since the period when a site meant 3 paragraphs in an HTML.

It is extremely hard to calculate in years of experience something you have been doing since you first touched a keyboard.

Our team