Why Drupal?

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What Drupal means?

Drupal is an open source CMS (Content Management System) used in web development of any kind, from simple presentation websites to full web portals, ecommerce solutions and social networks.

Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It's built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.
We choose Drupal as our first choice when developing a website because of a few simple reasons.

1. Open Source.

Drupal is free. That means lower costs for our customers, witchis always good news for them. It lets us change whatever we need in the code, but that is not always a recommended option, witch lead to the second reason.

2. Drupal is flexible and customisable.

There are over 30.000 modules and themes ready to extend Drupal core. That allows users to create any kind of web application required (blogs, ecommerce solutions, corporate websites, forum and social networks).

It can be used to build sophisticated websites. It offers the posibillity to define custom fields that can be used across content types, users, comments, terms and other entities used in to build that.

It offers a wide range of kickstart distributions (a distribution is a Drupal configuration composed by Drupal core and contributed modules that has a defined functionality).

Another point scored here is the separation of the theme and functionality. Developers can easily theme it without going too deep into the functionality.

3. It is proven and secure.

Drupal is used by every layer of the society. Small presentation sites, small blogs, online stores, big corporations, even governments for sites like White House. That proved that everyone can count of Drupal's security. Drupal's policy is to announce each security vulnerability once the fix is released. The Drupal core team and contributed modules developers have regularly security releases and fixes

4. SEO friendly.

There are a few modules that can take your Drupal site in the top of the search results of your niche. You can add metatags, articles tags, social media optimisation, everything from your admin panel, without having to write code for each article.

5. Drupal community.

There are over a million members on Drupal online community, and over 30.000 developers that are talking daily about it. So when you have a question, most likely you can find the answer in a few minutes.

Like all the systems (paid or open source) Drupal also have a few problems.

Speed is one of them. If you are not careful how you use it, Drupal can become a dark hole of your server resources. It has a built is caching system, and there are a few modules that can help, but that will require form the hosting company to offer access to PHP accelerators like XCache or APC. Lately. a lot of hosting companies offers Drupal specific packages. Even so, the best way to get over this problem, is to know hot to configure it and it's modules.

Bottom line, Drupal is our first choice when a web site is required.

What is yours?

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