The power of Hashtags

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The hashtags sign (pound sign, sometimes in the past) - # - has an incredible power on the social media. Do you use it?

The origins of the #Hashtag on social media.

Most of us are using hashtags for Twitter, and we give credit to them for the idea, but it is not actually accurate.

Do you remember IRC? There is where hashtags were uses to prefix and  channels and topics. As today in all social media, hashtags are used to bring together communities that have the same interests with the power of one symbol.

How to Properly Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the first words that pops in a search and can be used in various ways to promote your brand and to maximize it potential. Basically it is a great marketing tool on social media.

Here are a few tips that can help you use it's power:

  • Create your unique hashtag and use it everywhere, with usefull information for your folllowers. They will be able to centralise and bring together all they need regarding this topic. Ask them to use it when sharing information on the same topic.
  • Keep the same hashtag cross social media platform. If you use #lovetoeducate on Facebook (YES! it uses hashtags), use it also on Twitter or google plus (maybe one or two people are also there).
  • Don’t over use hashtags. There is #no #need #to #include a #hashtag #after #every #word. This can be annoying. Also i don't see the need of using them while you are not trying to promote something.
  • Join trending conversations that pertain to your brand. This will allow you to connect with other users and circulate your brand information
  • Use SEO keyword friendly hashtag. Relevancy is very important. You can hot sell hats with a #shoes hashtag.
  • Check the market and be accurate in targeting and using your tags. Like on any search engine, the accuracy of the tag and the relevance of the topics where your post appears is very important.

How can hashtags help my brand?

It helps you by expanding your reach. The impact of your posts will be higher, and so will the interactions. The more people interacts with your social media pages, the more possible clients you have.


Even if they have a lot of advantages, an hashtag can also have disadvantages.

In social media and in life, there’s always the chance things won’t work out exactly as planned. Your hashtag could possibly be hijacked, either by another brand or by activists with an axe to grind. To avoid that, you should have one branded to your name, or your business. Otherwise, the feed provided by that word can be of more use to your competitors.

Make sure you use them, so you will always have a relevancy on the feed.

I hope this will help you improve your social media experience. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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