How can a website improve your business

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There are lots of methods you can improve your business, but a well made website can do wonders.

You can see a lot of people using only a Facebook page. It is true that it is recommended to have a strong presence in social media, but the page alone cannot get your business to its true potential.

When a customer searches for the service you are offering, he won`t search on Facebook, but on a search engine, most probably Google. And when that happens, you have to be sure you are the first thing to pop up!

Let`s discuss some methods you can take your business to the next level.

1.Hire a web development team.

As stated earlier, a well made website can do wonders. It loads faster and it’s easier to read, not only for people, but also for the search engine. Furthermore, it will have a cleaner design and it allows the visitors to see the true potential of your business, no matter what kind of business you run

2.Be original!

No user will read an article twice. With duplicated content you will loose your visitors. In addition, the search engines are mean regarding this, and they will punish your website or ignore it completely in next searches.

3.Add a blog to your website
Offer your customers informations about your products and services. Teach them to use and develop them. Even if they are undecided, showing them the advantages that your product can offer, will make them want to buy it. Present them informations about your work procedures so the potential customer can see you are a professional.

4. Social media

Even if it cannot run your business, its presence online can help a lot. There are millions of users searching for something new to read and discover. Sometimes they don`t even know that they are in need of your product, so a little post on their news feed can remind them. But pay attention! The key to your page`s success are not the likes, but the constant activity with real people that you can transform into customers.

5.Be mobile friendly!

Over half of the searches done online are from mobile devices.Is it your website there? Not if it`s not responsive. Starting from August 2015, Google decided to show mobile users only mobile friendly websites. If you are not familiar with the term “responsive”, see number 1.

If your online business can be improved or you are not happy with the results, i suggest you contact us. Let`s enjoy a coffee together (virtual or real), and we can give you pieces of advice about how we would change your website (completely free).

Furthermore, if you have an interesting idea, we can help you find the partners that you need. But more about that in the next article.

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