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While developing a Drupal website, the base theme is one of the most important choices that we have to make. From all the base themes out there, Bootstrap 3 is the one we will choose for a great website.

Bootstrap is an open source set of tools that are meant for creating web applications and developing websites. Bootstrap is made up of CSS and HTML templates that are designed for navigation, buttons, forms and typography. It also contains other components such as JavaScript and jQuery among others. The purpose of bootstrap is to make it easier to develop web applications as well as creating dynamic websites. Bootstrap’s framework is front end. That means that it presents the user with an interface. Many web developers have started adopting the bootstrap technology with most of them making contributions in developing better and better bootstrap frameworks for various platforms.

Drupal has many bootstrap themes as they change as fast as they are developed. The Drupal Bootstrap base theme acts as a bridge between the bootstrap framework and Drupal. In order for one to install the bootstrap base theme the minimum requirements include jQuery 1.9. Drupal bootstrap base theme does not support jQuery versions which are below 1.7. It is also not compatible with the older versions of Internet explorer. Most people might think that using Drupal bootstrap base theme is complicated or tedious, but it is also good to understand that Drupal bootstrap base theme has been regarded as the most popular especially when dealing with CSS, HTML and JavaScript when developing websites that will be used by both computers and hand held gadgets such as mobile phones.
Drupal bootstrap base theme has been designed with the intention of making it easy for everyone to work with it including developers at all levels of skills. It makes developing web applications and websites from the front end easy and fast. The Drupal bootstrap theme is also compatible with devices of any shapes or projects of any sizes.

For most web developers, repeating chunks of code is a normal thing. Most web developers generally cop and paste these chunks of code. This mostly occurs when creating CSS scripts. There are other developers who create CSS base files instead of copying and pasting same codes all other the project. One cannot deny that that method works, but it is also not the most efficient way of doing projects considering the fact that some of these projects are usually very huge. This method is made further complicated by the rising use of mobile devices making it difficult to make websites respond to the technology.
Drupal bootstrap base theme has many advantages. One of the first reasons that one should use is that it has a large number of resources that come with the bootstrap. Bootstrap is easy to use even if one is not a skilled web developer. It also provides the functionality of using LESS or CSS along with the Drupal bootstrap base theme.

Another advantage of using Drupal bootstrap base theme is its ability to keep up with the changing technology. Mobile devices have changed the way people access the internet. Therefore, it has become imperative for web developers to ensure that their websites are responsive to the mobile devices. Drupal bootstrap base theme has fluid lattice layout that ensures that the web page is correctly reformatted no matter which device is accessing that site. The bootstrap has a set of ready made classes which identify the numbers of spots in the grid that require to be reorganized in order to organize the web page.
Drupal bootstrap base theme also offers greater speed in the web development process. Whenever one is in need of developing a website quickly, bootstrap is definitely the way to go. Coding from scratch can take several months to complete, but using the Drupal bootstrap base theme ensures that one finishes a website in record time without compromising on the quality of the website.

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