How to get an awesome site in 4 simple steps?

Step 1

Step 1
Tell us what you need

Step 2

Step 2
Choose your design.

Step 3

Step 3
Choose the functionalities.

Step 4

Step 4
Put it online and enjoy!

Why To Choose Us

We are not offering only installs, only templates or only design.
We are offering the full services, from one good idea to a great website.

Yes. We are not savages monkey with bigger brains.
We know hot to talk to people. We can make out input to your idea. We can tell you what we can do what we will do, and what needs to be done.

We have great ideas, that will fit your needs.
Aldo we are young, we all make this out of pleasure.
Before it was our job, web development was our passion.

Every site we build is a signature for us.
We can't afford, and won't build a site that we won't use ourselves.
A great business built for you is  another star in our ranking.

What we can Do?

Web Design

Some of us like simple and elegant sites. Others like innovative design. We have all kind of ideas and we are sure that one of our ideas will fit your needs

Web development

We can build large projects using agile development. With a great communication inside the team, and a fast feedback from you, we can get you project ready before you know it.

Content Management System

We have great experiences with Drupal and Wordpress and we like both of them. Great for both simple sites, eCommerce and even social networks. Manage your content in the best way!


We don't just build your site and leave it to get old. We can take care of it. Because of the speed the internet is evolving, new threats, but also new security measures comes out every day. Let us make sure your site is fit.

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Alphatech LTD SRL-D | Web Design Timisoara

Alphatech LTD SRL-D

We are specialized in delivery of high quality web application and web design for clients all over the world.

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Lior Frai, Israel

Excellent work, great communication, on time and on budget.Will be happy to work with him again.Delivered exactly what I've wanted.

Chris Whitfield, Australia

As always Alex has conducted himself in a professional manner and delivered the work requested to specification and within the scheduled timeframe. Great work, Good communication. Job Well Done.



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